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I'm Monet
"Your creative, results-driven problem-solver."

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🦄 Specialties: Customer support/success, organizational structuring, content design (including Notion build-outs), team training, and horticulture.

🧵Fun Fact: I've designed my own clothes for over 10 years and

I'm surprised at the similarities in fashion and web design.

Here are the projects I am currently working on.

The first websites I created were built using various CMS (Wix, WordPress & Shopify).

  Along my development journey, I've built websites using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, as well as Font Awesome.


About Me

Drawing on 14+ years of customer support and service expertise, I'm passionate about empowering businesses in the digital space. My background in analytical thinking, problem-solving, and project management equips me to create customized websites that meet your unique needs.

With a wide range of services, from web development to Notion workspace optimization, I'm dedicated to helping you reach your digital goals.


  1. Establish a Strong Portfolio: Prioritize creating a diverse portfolio showcasing your expertise in building websites for various purposes, including blogs, business sites, and e-commerce platforms. This will help attract clients looking for specific solutions.

  2. Client Satisfaction: Focus on delivering exceptional service and achieving high client satisfaction. Happy clients can lead to referrals and repeat business.

  3. Expand Network: Build connections within your industry, attend relevant events, and engage in online communities to increase your exposure and potential partnerships.



  1. Automation and Scalability: Implement automation tools and practices to streamline your website development process, making it efficient and scalable. This aligns with your goal of sustaining business operations effectively.

  2. AI Integration: Leverage AI and advanced technologies to enhance the functionality of the websites you create. This can include AI-powered chatbots, personalized content recommendations, and data-driven insights for clients.

  3. Diversify Services: Continue expanding your service offerings to include more advanced features like custom online courses, interactive infographics, and tailored social media content. This diversification can attract a broader client base.

  4. Notion Makeover Magic: Develop and market your "Notion Makeover Magic" service to become a recognized expert in optimizing Notion workspaces for businesses.

  5. Client Education: Offer training and support to your clients on using and maintaining the websites you build. This fosters long-term relationships and ensures clients get the most out of their investments. 

🌎Fun Fact: DMV Native✈

About Me Section

Frequently, I am asked to design a logo, landing page, website, and other digital products.

Here is a collection of that work.


Contact Me

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